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Media Camping Center started selling Nimrod Camping Trailers in 1965 People ask us all the time, "How did Media Camping Center get started?" In the early 1960's the Smith family started to do some family camping. Following a weeks vacation in a rented Nimrod camping trailer. Hadden and Bobbie Smith and their three sons Hadden, Kevin and Warren decided that selling camping trailers would be a way to involve the entire family in both business and pleasure. Media Camping Center opened for business on January 1, 1965 with a shipment of a dozen Nimrod camping trailers. For the first several years Hadden and Bobbie Smith and their three sons Hadden, Kevin, and Warren were the primary employees at Media Camping Center, successfully selling and servicing Nimrod camping trailers. Media Camping Center has continued sales and service in Media (U.S. RT 1 in Lima PA) for over 35 years...